Monday, August 16, 2010

Fake Proof Of Abortion Papers

Trek Trek

Participants: Pasquale, Max

Path: Marciana to return to Pomonte

Track details:
km: 19.2
time: 6 hours and 52 minutes
Average speed: 2.8 km / h
Rise Stored: 1380 m.

Meeting at 6.20 at Portoferraio, then en route to Marian car park where the Fortezza Pisana, departure arrival 6.58 hours trek trek (self) 13.50 hours.

Weather: sunny, light winds from the SE, starting temperature at 18 °, 24 °

arrival Note:
leaving the track after 10 minutes we take a lush, clean enough and sufficiently reported, seen often during the rise of small herds of wild sheep.
then continue the descent down a first 3 and then 4, the latter in need of cleaning by brambles intrusive.

short stop near the wooden bridge in Pomonte after taking the GTE, then the second round, much more challenging, both for the climb to ninth in need of a more energetic and a trail cleared of vegetation and cutting of several fallen trees that obstruct the passage.
positive note the abundance of more mature (and not) in the first section, which will cause a further slowdown.

finally arrived at 'the intersection' 8, 30 and 31, we stop for refreshments and providing further preparation for the final uphill stretch. Although
August, the temperature is excellent, thanks to a cloud mass that shelters from the sun for most of the ascent. Reach
Malpas proves less tiring as the expected.
all downhill from there onwards, first along the granite steps of 5 and then along an endlessly fascinating one that would not hurt to freshen up that trail and the slopes of the shed, through the beautiful hermitage of S. Cerbone us back in the town center.

Just a nice walk, a valid test to test the form and plan future releases.



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